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If you are looking for experienced and knowledgeable import and European car repair in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ, then look no further! We offer great repair service at a great price! Our friendly and fully-trained mechanics can help inspect and fix any problem your car may be experiencing. European Plus has been servicing the local area for over 30 years, and over that time, we have amassed our skills in foreign vehicle repair and built up a trusted clientele base, as our great reviews show! Specializing in Volvo, BMW, Audi, VW, Mini, Mercedes and most Asian brands allowed us to keep up with the technology and gives us the experience needed to repair your car right the first time.

Looking for factory maintenance for your import vehicle? Need a tune-up or oil change? Stop by and see us today or call us at 609-737-7226! Why hassle with a dealership? Our locally owned and operated European car repair service shop gives you the same care and attention to detail along with friendly customer service and lower prices.

We are an AutoTechIQ certified business.


Brake Repair

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If Your Brake Pedal Is Touching The Floor Before Stopping, Come in For Brake Repair Immediately

Besides the engine, the brakes are the most important part of your car. Bad brakes could render serious crashes and death. If you notice squealing or grinding noises when you brake, or that your pedal goes to the floor before fully stopping, take your car into our European car repair shop in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ today for brake repair. If when you brake, your car nosedives before coming to a stop, this is a serious sign of brake failure, and needs to be addressed immediately. The longer you ignore this problem, the greater your chances of complete brake failure and rear ending someone increases. Call us today at 609-737-7226 for brake repair.

Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair Services

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Our European Auto Repair Shop Repairs Car Batteries and Hybrid Engines

A lot of the car involves electrical wires, as they all work like the brain and tell the engine what to do. If an electrical component in your vehicle is acting up, it can have serious consequences like engine failure. Common parts found in the electrical system of a car include the car battery, and the alternator. If you have a hybrid car, we also offer hybrid engine and hybrid battery repair services. Call our European car repair shop in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ at 609-737-7226 today if you need electrical repair for your foreign make vehicle.

Electrical repair services we provide for European and import cars include:

  • Alternator
  • Car Battery
  • Hybrid Battery
  • Hybrid Car Engine

Engine Repair

Engine Repair

The engine is the most important part of your car- without it, your car won’t even run! Make sure your engine is in good shape by having regular maintenance and repair services performed on it. If you use your foreign made car a lot and like to use it to drive fast, parts in your car like the serpentine or timing belt can especially wear thin fast. Bring your car into our European car repair shop in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ for inspections, repairs and more to make sure it is in top condition. Call us today at 609-737-7226 to schedule your engine repair appointment.

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If You Need Engine Repair, Call Our European Auto Repair Company Today

Repair and replacement services we provide for your foreign made car’s engine include:

  • Catalytic Converter
  • Engine Overheating
  • Diesel Engine Repair
  • O2/Oxygen Sensor
  • Timing Belt
  • Head Gasket
  • Radiator
  • Serpentine Belt

Oil & Fuel Services

Oil & Fuel Services

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Our European Auto Repair Company Offers A Ton of Oil and Fuel Services

Most people just think of oil and gasoline when thinking of the fluids and fuel that a car needs, but there is so much more to it than that! In order for the fuel and oil to be properly used and for the car to run properly, many more parts are needed. Parts like a fuel filter, fuel injector, and fuel pump all help power your engine, keep it lubricated, and separate the powerful and harmful gasoline away from other parts in your car. Oil keeps all the hundreds of parts inside your vehicle lubricated so they move easier, but if an oil leak occurs, it is messy. If you are needing European Plus‘s oil and fuel services, call our European car repair company in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ today at 609-737-7226 to schedule an appointment for repair.

Oil  and fuel services we provide:

  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Injector
  • Fuel Pump
  • Oil Change
  • Oil Leaks
  • Synthetic Oil Change

Suspension &Transmission

Suspension and Transmission Repair

automatic gear shift in car

If Your Gear Shift Isn’t Working, Call Our European Auto Repair Company For Transmission Repair

Is your gear shift acting up? Your car not switching gears as easily as it once did? Is a lot of exhaust fumes coming out of your car? These are all signs of transmission failure. Here at European Plus, we offer transmission repair services including differential and CV joints repair and a transmission flush. For transmission repair you can count on, visit our European car repair company today.

Transmission repair services we provide for European import cars include:

  • Transmission Flush
  • Differential
  • CV Joints

If you feel like your car is dragging or lower to the ground than normal, you need suspension repair. The suspension helps keep your car off the ground so debris doesn’t hit it or get stuck underneath it. If your foreign made car is dragging on the ground, substantial damage can be taking place to it like scratching, denting, cracks and more from road debris hitting the underside of your car. For suspension service and other European car repair services in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ, call European Plus at 609-737-7226 today.

Expert Import and European Car Repair

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Our European Car Repair Shop Services Import and Asian Brand Cars

We perform a variety of services for your vehicle. From complete factory maintenances to computer diagnostics and software upgrades, our auto mechanics can execute any task needed for your European vehicle. Brake repair, state inspections, emission repairs, alignments and tire services are just a few of the auto repair services we offer. We also offer a full range of engine repair services including both hybrid engine and diesel engine makes, as well. European Plus is confident that you will be satisfied with your service, which is why we back our repairs with a 2 Years / 24,000 Miles Warranty.

Whether you need car maintenance, general import auto repair, or car computer diagnostics and updates, we can take care of your auto care needs. Let us show you why we are your best choice for import and European car repair and service in town. We serve just about any import car from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Saab to even Japanese imports. We are experienced in all varieties of import car makes and services.

  • Air Bags If your airbag has deployed or the SRS light won’t turn off, bring your car in to our shop for airbag replacement or repairs.
  • Air Conditioning If you are having no air, low air, or smelly air in your car, you need air conditioning and heating repair.
  • Electrical Repair Our electrical repair service covers repairs such as the car battery and alternator as well as problems with hybrid cars like their engine or battery.
  • Wheel Maintenance & Repair If you are having trouble with your car’s wheels, bring it in for wheel alignment or wheel bearing replacement today.
  • Brakes Brake repair is a common auto repair and is necessary to being a responsible and safe driver.
  • Engine Repair From catalytic converter replacement to radiator repair to an overheated engine, we are the engine repair experts!
  • Scheduled Services We offer state inspections, EVAP emissions tests, tune ups, oil changes, and more!
  • Oil & Fuel Services If you notice oil leaking from your car, come in and get oil leak repair or an oil change as soon as possible!
  • Suspension Often confused with wheel misalignment, a failing suspension causes your car to feel lower to the ground.
  • Transmissions The transmission is what controls your gear shift and what helps your car switch gears, so when it fails, it is a serious issue.


Airbag Replacement

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Our European Auto Repair Company Replaces Airbags

If your airbag has deployed in a previous accident, but your car is not totaled and still able to drive, call us for airbag repair. Airbags can only be deployed once, so if you have been in a minor crash or if your airbag has malfunctioned and deployed and you need a replacement, call European Plus at 609-737-7226 today for airbag replacement services. Our European car repair company in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ can safely install new airbags in your car.

Air Conditioning

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioner Repair

Get Your A/C Fixed With Our European Auto Repair Services

If you are dealing with no air, stinky air, or low quality air in your foreign brand car, call European Plus for heating and air conditioning repair today. Our European car repair company in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ specializes in foreign made cars, so we will be able to repair your car’s hard to find parts at an affordable price with quick and knowledgeable service times. Call us today at 609-737-7226 to book an appointment for heater or air conditioner repair.

The heating and air conditioning services we specialize in include:

  • Air Filter
  • Heater Core

Scheduled Services

Scheduled Car Maintenance Services

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Our European Auto Repair Company Provides Scheduled Services Like Tune Ups

European Plus is certified to provide scheduled services such as state inspections and tune ups. For imported and foreign made vehicles, we also provide factory maintenance and EVAP emissions tests to keep your European car in top shape. To schedule your service, call our European car repair company in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ at 609-737-7226 today.

Scheduled services we offer are:

  • State Inspection
  • EVAP Emissions
  • Factory Maintenance
  • Tune-up

Wheel Maintenance & Repair

Wheel Maintenance

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If You Need Wheel Maintenance, Call Our European Car Repair Shop

Whether you need your tires rotated or your wheels realigned, we have got you covered here at European Plus. Our Hopewell and Pennington, NJ European car repair company offers wheel maintenance and repair services such as wheel alignment and wheel bearing replacement. We can also rotate your tires for a small additional fee. Call us today at 609-737-7226 if you need your foreign car’s tires or wheels inspected.

We provide wheel maintenance services such as:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Bearing

The Best European Car Repair in Town

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For European Car Repair You Can Count On, Go With European Plus Auto!

With a commitment to the principles of integrity, honesty, personal service and respect for every customer, our goal is to build long term relationships and provide customers with the best automotive care possible. Using only top quality parts allows us to stand behind our work with a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty. We are truly here for you. For European car repair, we are located in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ, just minutes from Princeton, Lambertville, Flemington or Lawrenceville, which is convenient from most surrounding areas. Call 609-737-7226 or stop by today to start feeling at ease with your mechanic.