3 Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

When it’s hot, just about the worst thing that can happen in your car is for the air conditioner to quit working. Fortunately, it’s often a small issue that can be fixed easily. These three common problems are comparatively simple to fix and may save you money down the road.

Strong Smells or Odors

Air Conditioner Repair

Many times, the strange odor coming from your A/C is mildew or fungi that have built up over time due to the dark, damp environment. This issue can be fixed by a technician who will completely flush out your system.

Blows Hot Air

Typically, when your car’s air conditioner begins to blow hot air, the refrigerant needs to be recharged. This can be easily done by a professional, or you can buy refrigerant at auto parts stores to recharge it yourself. Sometimes, this is a sign that your compressor has gone out which will need professional replacement.

Vents Are Barely Blowing

In many cases, lowered air volume is a case of a clogged condenser. As time goes by, dirt, dust, and other sediments can become trapped in your condenser causing it to clog. You can unclog it by blowing a quickly vaporizing flushing product into the condenser.

In many cases, when your air conditioner slows or stops working altogether, it’s a simple issue that can be fixed quickly. If you are unsure why your A/C isn’t working properly, or if it’s time for some A/C maintenance work, call the professionals at European Plus to get your A/C blowing its coldest again.