3 Most Common Car Problems

car problemsPurchasing a used car can always be a gamble because you just not sure of what you’re getting. And most of the time, we aren’t able to get the entire history of that vehicle. But there are some common problems that you should be aware of that may help you choose a better car.

Belt and Hose Damage:

Anyone can pop he hod of a vehicle and check to see if there are any cracks on the belts and hoses. As for the ones you can’t see, you can simply lift the hood, turn on the engine, and listen for strange sounds, like squealing or repeated clanking noises. If you hear any of thee, then there is definitely an issue.

Body Damage:

This is easier to spot. You simply walk around the vehicle and check out the body. Take note of any cracks, dents, scratches, rusting, flaking, etc. This isn’t, at all, an uncommon issue on older cars. Even though rust on a car isn’t a huge deal, it can spread and be incredibly difficult fix.

Frame Damage:

The frame is the skeleton of the car. It holds everything together. So if there’s an issue with this, it could spell huge issues for the future owner. The best way to check for frame damage is to have trained mechanic check it out for you or you can purchase the vehicle history report.

These are just a few of the most common problems you can have with a car. But if you’re finding that you’re having any type of issues with your current vehicle or maybe you have a question bout a vehicle you’re thinking about purchasing, contact us. Call European Auto Repair at 609-737-7226.