Are Imports Really Better?

If you grew up in an American school, chances are you probably remember that one history lesson emphasized by Henry Ford’s mass production assembly line system in the roaring twenties and his famous Model T. Back then, when thinking of buying a car there was no debate, American all the way! Well, cars have advanced, and as history tends to have it, competition and improvements of previous models and inventions are always hot under way across the globe! In the past few decades, we’ve all heard people talking as if they are import car specialist as they debate about the strong quality of Japanese cars to the high-performance of the ones from Germany. But in the the long run, what are the benefits and downfalls of having an imported car?

Great Speed & Handling

European import cars have great handling at high speeds that fit with their narrow highways & speeding laws.

Firstly, What Makes a Car Foreign?
A car is foreign if it’s parts and and assembly don’t come from the domestic country in which you reside. To Americans that would mean any cars not made from America. For the Swiss it would be any not made from Switzerland. (At least they have IKEA & chocolate, they’re not doing too bad.)

So to answer the question that’s often asked,

Is Honda an import car?
If you currently don’t reside in Osaka or any other Japanese city, than yes. Yes it is. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, the hybrid was first brought on by the Japanese in 1997. A few years ago Hybrid Imports were quite the popular car for Americans to have.

Are Foreign Cars Better?
Without boring or offending anybody, we’ll stick to what has been widely accredited in reputation in the past few decades. For example, many Japanese import cars, like Toyota and Honda, have been and still are attested as having durable quality that lasts years and are considered reliable for that reason. German cars are known for impressive high-performance quality engineering that allows for high speed stability with turns.

The Difference Between European and American Cars:
As a whole, European cars are known for their performance and craftsmanship. American cars in the past were not really known globally until a few years ago when Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning’s Tesla (Elon Musk invested in the company) became the center point of discussion. Generally, European cars operate with stick-shifts and American models with automatic transmissions. Americans build cars that are tougher whereas European cars hold more emphasis on design. For Americans, high occupancy is essential so they are built larger in size. European cars are more compact and sleek in order to fit their narrow roads.

The Benefits and Downfalls of Import Cars


  • Better handling with higher drive speeds
  • Design is more sleek
  • Cars are more high-tech
  • Longer durability
  • More fuel efficiency
  • Cars can be modified by the owner’s preferences
  • Made to last longer so repairs are not needed as often

Depending on the brand of your imported car, some are easier to maintain than others. Import Repair is often specialized in shops where import car specialists can properly assist you. Imported cars are built with durability in mind in order for repairs to be minimal. As long as you look into your car’s specifications or speak with an import car specialist you’ll be able to maintain your car diligently and efficiently.


  • Although you can drive at higher speeds, European speed limits differ than American ones which are more strict.
  • Prices are higher
  • If you do need replacement parts they may be harder to get in standard car repair shops

Are Foreign Cars More Expensive to Insure?
Oftentimes, foreign cars are harder to insure since getting replacement parts or having the special knowledge required for servicing import cars require specialists. For example, JDM import cars (Japanese Domestic market) are made specifically for the Japanese consumer and market in mind. There are however, import car repair shops who cater specifically to import car repairs.

Mechanic Performing Diagnostic

An import specialist can perform diagnostic tests to assist you with your import car repairs!

Import cars have a variety of styles and can fulfill your expectations on durability and performance. If your lifestyle matches well with the realities of having an imported car, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits as well as being mindful of the downfalls. Realistically, all cars have ups and downs, and it’s up to the owner to learn more or have conversations in order to be fully aware of how to remedy problems with solutions. Oftentimes, the answers are readily available by reaching out to your local import repair shop!

Whether you’re curious about a specific import or need car repair, contacting an import car specialist will allow you make better decisions! European Plus in the Hopewell and Pennington, NJ area is your import auto shop that specializes in European and Asian brands! Give us a call at 609-737-7226 to talk to an import car specialist today!