Can You Text And Drive Safely?

texting and drivingWe all want to feel safe in our vehicles. Unfortunately, nothing can negate the fact that we drive around multi-ton metal behemoths at break-neck speeds. To ensure our safety, we need to make sure we put all of our focus into driving. This means that you can’t text and drive; if you don’t look at the road, you can’t avoid collisions. Here, we’ll go over some texting and driving facts.

Texting While Driving:

  • Most drivers in the world support the prohibition of texting while driving.
  • 1.6 million wrecks a year get reported in association with cell phone usage according to the┬áNational Safety Council.
  • While driving 55 miles per hour, if you take your eyes off of the road for just 5 seconds, you travel the whole distance of a football field.
  • 11 teen deaths get reported daily from texting and driving collisions.

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