Why Is Exhaust Maintenance Important for a Car?

Truck Spewing Black Smoke from Its Exhaust Pipe.

The Expulsion of Dark Exhaust Serves to Indicate Emission Problems with a Vehicle.

The purpose of an exhaust system is to facilitate the smooth operation of a vehicle. In its absence, or in the event of repair needs, the exhaust will build within your engine and cause it to deteriorate. Even worse, exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide can accumulate within the cabin of the vehicle to create a life-threatening situation. If you’ve never thought about the maintenance of your exhaust system, and why this service has importance, consider the seriousness of these consequences, and keep your eyes peeled for signs of emission problems.

Avoid Emission Problems: Signs for Exhaust Maintenance

Aside from the damage to your vehicle and obvious safety concerns, proper exhaust maintenance can reduce emissions and improve your fuel economy. If you suspect an emission leak, or any other problem with your exhaust, schedule service right away. If you pay attention to the following signs of emission problems, you can often catch them before they cause significant damage.

  • Check Engine Light: A failing exhaust system can trigger the engine light on your dashboard display.
  • Rattling Noises: If you hear a sound similar to the rattling of coins in a jar, you most likely have a failing catalytic converter. This all-important device transforms exhaust fumes into less harmful emissions.
  • Overall Loudness: If the operation of your vehicle, especially acceleration, sounds louder than normal, your exhaust is probably failing.
  • Less Fuel Efficiency: Exhaust issues also make themselves apparent through more frequent trips to the gas station.

If emission problems in , NJ have you worried, never fear: European Plus Inc. offers nearby emission services for both standard exhaust and evaporative emissions. If you have a custom exhaust system, you should turn to specialists for any emission repaid needs. Proper emission service comes with many benefits, including increased safety for car occupants, improved gas mileage, and a quieter, more comfortable ride. As a specialist for European vehicles, we recommend exhaust inspection as a component of regular maintenance. For this service or any other on your European-make vehicle, call (609) 737-7226 today.