Essential Car Maintenance: Oil Changes

Oil ChangeGetting the oil changed in your car is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle’s performance in top condition. If the oil isn’t changed regularly, you risk damaging the engine which will cause many internal issues with the vehicle.

The oil should be changed based on the recommended mileage listed in your owner’s manual. You will typically find the recommended time frame is every 3,000 miles but there are some vehicles that can go without an oil change for up to 10,000 miles.

After a while, the oil will begin to break down and turn into a sludge that can cause severe damage if it starts to build up inside the engine block. Replacing the oil regularly will prevent this build up from ever starting. If too much solidified oil collects inside the engine, it may require professional cleaning or replacement if it has become damaged.

Every time you have the oil changed, the filter should be replaced as well. The filter helps keep sediment from circulating through the system. The cleaner your oil is the better your engine will perform. The motor oil is what keeps your engine running cool and keeps all the working pieces of the engine running smoothly.

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