Customer Testimonials

star Recommended, Paul E.

“I had been recommended this shop by several trusted friends; European Plus’ reputation of high automotive expertise and fair pricing had me thinking it might be too good to be true, if the accolades were to be taken at face value. Turns out they were (are).

“Imagine an automobile repair shop that has highly advanced technical acumen – indeed specializing in the very category of vehicles that have justified reputations for being horrendously expensive to maintain in the post-warranty after market, run by an owner who chooses a path of honesty and value, not looking to “get over” on the hapless vehicle owner but instead choosing the unusual path of integrity, value, customer satisfaction and his own brand building for long term customer relationships. Imagine that.

“My 2006 Audi A6 needed some work done; the Audi dealership told me it wasn’t essential work but it’d still cost $1200. Yikes. The folks at European Plus found the problem, fixed the small plastic part (probably making it better) rather than replacing the whole section (it’s a throwaway world nowadays), did a complete diagnostic of the car, told me what would need to be done in the future, updated the computer, all for less than half of what the dealer wanted. More work, better work, confidence inspiring technical acumen and refreshing honesty. Don’t imagine – experience it for yourself firsthand.”

star Great Service, Bobby F.

“Great service and owner is a super nice and knowledgeable guy.”

star Long Time Customer, Heather L M.

“I have been a customer at European Plus for more than 12 years. European Plus has always maintained my cars, provided outstanding service, and kept my cars on the road. And they’re priced much better than the dealerships I had previously frequented.

“One of the things I like most about European Plus is that when they provide you with a list of what needs to be fixed/replaced, they tell you what should be done now vs. what can wait. Unlike the dealerships, who give you the impression that it all needs to be done immediately.

“Even though European Plus is a Volvo specialist, they do work on all European and Japanese cars as well. Why would you pay exorbitant labor fees at a dealership when you can receive the same service and expertise, and support a local business at the same time?”

star Honest Service, Aniruddho S.

“This guy is good. He did some work for me today that would have cost an arm and a leg at the “stealership.” Nick is honest, never tries to rip you off, tells you what needs to be done and what can wait. I agree with the other reviewers.”