Have a Professional Car Checkup During and After Winter

Your car is like any other important piece of machinery in your life; it needs maintenance to serve you well throughout its life. When times are hard, it needs a little extra service. Winter weather, even a milder winter climate, is hard on your car. Before winter hits, have your car serviced. Then, have a professional car checkup after winter, too, to make sure the weather didn’t cause more damage than you can see.

Common Winter Car Problems

Car Tire in Snow

Have a Professional Car Checkup During and After Winter

Cold weather can exacerbate many common car issues. The cold temperatures make normal processes, like idling, or hard starting, tougher. That’s why it is so important to be more attentive to the little things that are often neglected. For example, don’t let the filters go unchanged; go ahead and have them changed to help your car run better.

If you haven’t had your oil changed since before winter, and particularly if it was a while before, have it done by a professional. Oil changes are some of the most common tasks that people neglect with it comes to car care. It’s essential to keep your engine safe in all weather, but in cold weather, especially. Your fuel line needs freeze prevention, too. Your car service technician can help you with that.

Your heating system works hard in the cold season, too. Never neglect your car’s AC and heating system, particularly when they’re working overtime for you. You don’t want to end up with a heater that doesn’t work on a cold day.

Even the smallest details of car maintenance can be more important in winter. While you can handle some tasks with the help of your manual, have a professional car checkup done, too. Come see our auto technicians, or call us at European Plus in Pennington, NJ at (609) 737-7226.