How do you know if your suspension is damaged?

suspension repair

What causes suspension damage?

Suspension repair and installation of those parts is extremely important for any car, perhaps more for European cars. Why? We know European cars for their speed and their handling, and the combination of both as they handle hairpin turns at a high speed. But then, if those two things are not in good working order, and in sync with each other, it can be disastrous, even deadly.

Therefore, it is important for owners of European cars with suspension issues, repairs they take their car to a qualified mechanic that knows European car motors and suspension repairs. They have the experience, knowledge, and suspension repair tools needed to do the job right.

We take for granted the suspension in our car, but some cars, especially European cars, that is one thing that we should be more attentive toward. The suspension provides us a smooth ride, turning corners without our car leaning over to one side, and keeps the car on the road. These are just a few reasons why suspension repair is a must.

Besides potholes, there are other things that can damage the suspension on your car. If any of the following parts of the car’s front end are broken defective, loose, even missing the suspension is at risk and vulnerable, and so is your car:

  • Ball Joints – these collect dirt, dust, grit, and other impurities inside the ball joints and make them as grease and lubrication leak out. General wear and tear will cause ball joints to go bad, and they can begin rusting if you drive in wet weather much.
  • Shocks or Struts – bad roads, aka potholes, and worn tires can wear shocks or struts out, even cause them to break when you hit a pothole too fast and too hard. Speed bumps can break or wear out shocks and struts too, causing the need for suspension repair. 
  • Springs – when persistently exposed to water, springs begin to rust and weaken. Also, constantly overloading your vehicle will weaken springs down. 
  • Tie Rods – the steering on your car relies on the tie rods every time you turn your vehicle. With that normal wear and tear, you’ll need them replaced and possibly some other suspension repairs. Bad road conditions, aka potholes, car accidents, can also damage tie rod ends.

What does bad suspension sound like?

It isn’t always easy to diagnose suspension issues on a car, but there are common symptoms that will tell you that you should have a mechanic see if your car needs any suspension repair. As far as sounds go that may hint at suspension repair, each time you turn a corner, go through a dip or pothole, hit the brakes hard or when you take off fast, you may hear a clanking or squeaking sound from the front end. If any of these are happening, or you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • The car pulls to one side going down the road
  • The rough ride going over even the smallest bump
  • The car leans to one side in the front
  • Every time you speed up, the front-end drops, the car rolls backward
  • Steering is difficult

Does suspension affect acceleration?

Yes! Consider ground zero of your car to be the suspension for abuse while going down the road. Therefore, the parts wear out or break, making the ride uncomfortable. The bad suspension is also dangerous going down the road. Remember, at the beginning of this article we discussed the love of European cars was or the motor and the handling?

So, when your suspension is broken or weak, there are multiple dangerous situations that could happen. Starting with the wheels will jump because the is less contact between the ground and the wheel. This slows acceleration minimizes braking efficiency, and most of all, slow your acceleration. With all this stated, you can see that suspension repair is a must if you want power at taking and control going down the road.

What happens if suspension goes?

Have you ever had a broken leg and tried to walk without crutches or any type of help? It is difficult may be impossible. The same is true for a car with a bad suspension. 

If your car’s suspension wears totally out, your car becomes unbalanced and unstable. This makes it difficult, even impossible, to control your car, especially going over bumps or turning corners. Before driving the car too much, we recommend suspension repair. 

Suspension and brakes exposed

How do you fix a car’s suspension? 

Taking your car to an experienced mechanic for suspension repair is the best thing you can do. They have all the equipment, tools, and access to the parts needed for suspension repair. If you are a DIY car owner, or you want to save some money, suspension repair will depend on what it needs. A non-mechanic can do shocks, struts, and springs, but they are probably the hardest thing to replace or repair. These parts are under a lot of pressure and if you don’t have the right equipment, or you don’t do it right, they can pop off and fly anywhere, including through the car or into your face or body. 

The ball joints and tie rods aren’t as precarious to replace, but it will require that you raise the front end of the car up off the ground. You must remove the wheels and possibly other parts in that area to get to the ball joints or tie rods. The engine and the tires are needed to make your car go. This is common knowledge. However, the suspension is needed for safe driving. Never take your car’s front end for granted and drive it for long distances or periods when it needs suspension repair.

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