How do you maintain car wheels?

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Keeping your wheels on the road

Your car is probably an important investment for you, it is for most people. We make payments on them, keep up insurance and registration, get the oil changed, and keep them washed. What about car wheel maintenance and tire maintenance though? Yes, the tires and wheels need maintenance too, they are an enormous part of what gets you from point A to point B when you drive your car. 

So, you’re probably asking, “How do you maintain tires?”, right? Driving is a pleasure, a necessity, and a danger for life these days. We are relying on four tires to keep us safe on the road, so they should get some TLC from us to keep them in good condition.

Here are a few wheel maintenance tips to follow that will give you the most from your tires:

  1. Tire Pressure Monthly Check.  Tires lose around one pound per square inch each month, more in cold weather. Don’t rely on your oil change time for the air pressure to be checked. Under-inflated tires are a key component in accidents because it decreases the ability to handle the vehicle safely. Low tire pressure can also cause the car to use more gas and the tires will wear out sooner. By checking the air monthly, you’ll get more ROI for what you paid for those tires you have now!
  2. Regular Tire Inspection and Before Road Trips. Each time you check the air pressure in your tires, inspect them for any bulges and cracks. Look for any glass, nails, screws, or stones stuck in them. If there is any of these things stuck in the tires, have it replaced immediately. This is just a flat waiting to happen! For road trips, make sure the tire pressure is at a proper level and inspect for any of the things we listed above. You don’t want to hit the highway speed with dangerous tires. Car wheel maintenance includes checking for any potential leaks that you can’t see.   
  3. Rotation. Regular tire rotation every 5,000 miles is an important car wheel maintenance step that helps maintain tread wear evenly, give your tires the most life Many tire stores will provide free tire rotation.  This is a good time to get wheel alignment maintenance too.
  4. Load Your Car with Care. There is a stated weight limit on cars for a reason, you’ll find that information on the price sticker. An overloaded vehicle put pressure on the tires, wearing them out. This is more than car wheel maintenance; it is car maintenance responsibility.
  5. Replace the Tires Sooner Than Later. Don’t wait until the tires on your car have thread showing or after you’ve had several flat tires repaired. Tires are expensive and a trustworthy wheel maintenance mechanic can advise you when the time right to buy.
  6. Mismatching Tires Are A No-No. Should I replace all 4 tires? Yes!Always buy all four tires at the same time, or if you must buy only one, get an exact matching tire.  Mismatched tires will reflect negatively on your car’s handling, making it use more gas and wear the other tires out.

How do I know if my tires are worn out?

A penny can tell you if it is time to buy new tires! How? By sticking a penny in several tire grooves, head. If you can see the top of President Lincoln’s head, then it is time!  If part of his head is covered by the tire tread, you still have over 2/32 inch of tread depth.

Why does tire tread matter with car wheel maintenance? Worn-out tires are dangerous on the road, especially wet roads. Many states have state inspection with a minimum of tire tread allowed, anything less will not pass inspection, and it is illegal to drive on the road at that point.

Probable Problem Areas with Worn Tires:

  1. Center tread with excessive wear indicates the tire has been over-inflated.
  2. Shoulders of the tire show excessive wear indicates under inflation.
  3. Unevem wear of the tread in indication your car needs a wheel alignment.
  4. One side with excessive wear is an indication there is incorrect camber angle.
  5. Knobby outer section indicates a toe-in value problem. 

How many miles should a good set of tires last?

With proper vehicle and car wheel maintenance, combined with normal driving, typical all-season tires can give you anywhere from 50,000 miles to 70,000 miles, maybe more.

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Why do new car tires wear out so fast?

The tires that come with a new car may say they are Goodyear or Michelin, but they are made to the specifications as set by the car manufacturer. They will wear out faster because the car manufacturer wants you to keep new tires on your car to give you that smooth ride they promise in their ads. 

Part of responsible car wheel maintenance is to keep the tires aired as the car manufacturer recommends, which is usually 10 pounds less than what the tire manufacturer recommends. Experts recommend going with what the tire manufacturer recommends and if the ride is too rough, go with a weight between the two recommendations. 

We cannot stress the importance of car wheel maintenance enough. If your tires and wheels aren’t in good shape, then the car will not go far for long. Following the tips we provided here will keep your tires in good shape and your car on the road, safely, for a long time. Call 609-737-7226 today for your car wheel maintenance in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ