How to Make an Emergency Car Kit

emergency car kit

A few of the necessary items for an emergency car kit.

Good drivers should prepare for any eventuality on the road. An emergency car kit stands as one item that many drivers miss from their cars. In addition to obvious equipment such as that needed to change a flat, you should have certain other items always on hand as well.

Pre-Made Emergency Car Kit vs. Homemade

Nowadays, you can go into a store and purchase a ready-made emergency car kit. The creation of your own comes with certain benefits, however. For example, you can tailor it to the weather in your area, and include extra blankets or an ice-scraper. You can also pack certain items that appeal more to members of your family.

What to Pack

If your kit only includes one thing, make sure you pack an emergency first-aid kit. Other items to consider include a small fire extinguisher, jumper cables, and road flares. You’ll also want some refreshments, including drinking water and light snacks, along with certain tools like a flashlight, multi-tool, and duct tape. To get prepared for the weather, pack a tarp, a rain poncho, and sunscreen. It also never hurts to include some warm clothing and a blanket.

Additional Tips

Aside from your emergency kit, a few additional items can serve you well in a pinch. A clean, refillable gas jug can stand as a lifesaver, as can some extra cash for gas. A portable cell-phone charger can save you a lot of hassle, and a deck of cards or book can help pass the time as you wait for help.

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