airfilter1rsHot, stale, musty smelling air coming from your car’s AC unit is unacceptable and uncomfortable! At European Plus we can help you get rid of these types of problems with a simple Pennington and Hopewell air filter installation service!


An engine filter can remove things like bacteria, allergens, mold and dust from your vehicle’s cabin air with an air filter. Air filters that are placed in your engine keep your air clean and dust free. An engine’s air filter is made up of pleated paper material and is placed in your air intake so that air is pushed through it and into the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Air filters are used to filter out the dirt and grime, and separate them from your clean air; therefore, if your air filter gets too dirty, it will stop working correctly and your air will smell dusty and make it unpleasant to breathe. If this is happening with your car then bring it to European Plus for our air filter replacement service in Hopewell and Pennington!

There are different types of engine air filters for different types of cars. Air filters can even make your AC and heating units work less effectively if they’re dirty, causing them not to blow at the temperature that they are supposed to! This type of clogged engine air filter can cause allergens to be pushed into your passenger cabin air and create health problems, like issues with your allergies and asthma. If these are the types of problems that you are having, then we can get you the best Hopewell and Pennington air filter replacement installation service at European Plus!

If you’re tired of dirty, dusty air in your car then don’t wait to have it fixed, come by European Plus today, we’re here to keep your vehicle air clean! (609) 737-7226