new-car-batteryA dead car battery can be a major inconvenience, especially if it dies in a parking lot or somewhere not close to home. Finding someone who actually has a set of jumper cables or a jump-starter can be a hassle. If your car battery dies, knowing more about what power and size you need will help save you time and possibly money. For car battery replacement in Pennington / Hopewell, see us today!

There are a few things to take into consideration if you need to replace your car battery in Pennington or Hopewell. You should be aware of how much starting power your car or truck will need. Most of the time you can go by the battery already in your car. The car battery’s power is measured in cranking amps and cold cranking amps. This just lets you know the number of amps the battery would deliver at either 32°F or 0° (for cold cranking amps). Our knowledgeable mechanics can recommend a battery type best suited for your vehicle. Stop by out shop near Pennington and Hopewell for car battery replacement. Our batteries services are quick and efficient.

Higher amps typically means you’ll be getting a physically larger size car battery. This also is an important factor, as it may be too small or large for the battery compartment or carriage. Some newer import cars actually place the car battery either in the trunk space or under the driver’s seat (as in a BMW). A larger battery might not be able to squeeze in those tight-fitting spaces. Also, if the battery is too small, or is located under the hood, it can move around too much.

Let us help you replace your import car battery in Pennington or Hopewell. We provide quick and affordable import car services in Mercer County. If your battery is dead, or you would just like a better performing car battery for your European import car, stop by or call us today!