cat-converterThe catalytic converter converts pollutants found in the exhaust, mainly hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into less harmful emissions such as water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. When your catalytic converter stops functioning, it can degrade your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency or cause it to stall out. European Plus near Pennington and Hopewell provides expert catalytic converter repair and replacement for your import vehicle.


A clogged catalytic converter will restrict the airflow of the exhaust coming from the engine. As a result, performance issues such as hesitation problems during acceleration can occur. Your car may also die or stall out after coming to a complete stop. It’s normally recommended to check the exhaust system’s backpressure to properly diagnose such problems. Our ASE certifed mechanics perform professional catalytic converter repair service for Pennington and Hopewell.

Your catalytic converter can fail from a bad oxygen sensor which will send an incorrect signal to the car’s computer. This will create a richer fuel and air mixture that causes a build up of hydrocarbons in the cat converter. If your suffering from a clogged catalytic converter, come see us. We offer the best catalytic converter replacement service and repair for Pennington and Hopewell! Call us today at (609) 737-7226!