Differential Auto Repair Service

differential1rsIf your car is making groaning or growling sounds especially when you are taking a turn then you need to bring your car into European Plus today for our Pennington and Hopewell differential repair service!

Getting your differential replacement!

When your car is taking a turn your outside wheels spin faster than the wheels on the inside of your vehicle because they have more ground to cover in the same amount of time as your inside wheels. Your vehicles wheels spin at different speeds, especially when you go around a corner or a turn. Your vehicles wheels would be forced to rotate at the exact speed if your car did not have a differential. If your vehicle is making grinding or groaning noises then bring it in for differential replacement service in Hopewell and Pennington at European Plus today.

Several things like fluid leaks or a fluid that hasn’t been changed in a long time, wear and tear or abuse of your car could be ruining your differential or making it malfunction. Your differential acts as a final gear in your car by helping your vehicles wheels rotate at different speeds and the differential is how your wheels get power in order to move your vehicle. Our mechanics have the knowledge to repair your vehicle and to answer any questions that you might have about your car. For the best Pennington and Hopewell differential auto repair and replacement service come to European Plus and let one of our qualified mechanics look at your vehicle.

If this is the kind of issue that you are having with your vehicle then don’t wait until your vehicle breaks down to bring it to European Plus today! (609) 737-7226