Auto Electrical Repair Services in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ

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Electrical problems with your vehicle can be a big hassle and can cause you all kinds of problems. An electrical problem can cause your car to spit and sputter as you drive, prevent your car from starting, make the indicator lights on your dashboard flash on and off, and can even make it look like you’re having a problem with your car that you aren’t having at all. If this is the kind of thing that is happening with your car then you need to bring it into European Plus so our technicians can check it over, and if needed, give you our new electrical installation service. If your vehicle is not performing efficiently, you have lights on your dashboard flashing on and off, or your car just won’t start altogether then you need to bring your car to European Plus for our electrical repair service!

Auto Electrical Repair and Installation Services

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The Car and Engine Have Many Electrical Systems That Require Electrical Repair

Some of the most common electrical problems that cars have today are things like; your alternator, which also charges your battery when your car is running, blown fuses, broken wires, spark plugs and spark plug wires, your battery or battery components, or even your solenoid which runs power to your electric doors and locks, and this can also be confused with a dead battery or a broken or malfunctioning starter on your vehicle. These kinds of electrical problems can become costly if they are not taken care of in a timely fashion, and they can lead to even bigger problems with your car. Don’t wait till your car breaks down and pay a hefty price for repairs when those bigger issues can be prevented with electrical repairs up front. Bring your car in for our Hopewell and Pennington, NJ electrical repair and installation service at European Plus or call us at 609-737-7226 today!


Alternator Repair

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The Alternator Is A Critical Component of Your Car, So Call For Electrical Repair Now

The alternator supplies power to your car battery while the engine is running. Your car battery would actually die after about a few miles if it weren’t constantly charged by alternator. A bad alternator can ruin a good car battery due to repetitively being drained and charged. Signs to look out for that you need alternator repair include headlights dimming when you start your car or your car stalling out when you drive. European Plus serving Hopewell and Pennington, NJ provides electrical repair and alternator replacement service for your import vehicle. Don’t let yourself become stranded because of a bad alternator, stop by and see us today or call us at 609-737-7226.

What Causes A Car Alternator to Fail?

Alternator failure can be caused by faulty wheel bearings. The needle bearings inside the alternator can breakdown from dust or friction. These bearings are what allow the internal rotor to spin freely which creates power. You may hear a loud grinding noise when the bearings fail. This may be an indicator that the alternator rotor is not functioning properly. Because of its location, a faulty alternator can be difficult to replace. Several other components will need to be removed to access the car’s alternator. This is why it’s a good idea to have alternator electrical repair service done by a professional mechanic. Our experienced ASE certified mechanics can fix your dying alternator on your European import car when you bring it to our import car services shop for quality and affordable alternator service and repair!

Car Battery

Car Battery Maintenance and Repair

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Call For Electrical Repair If You Need a Replacement Car Battery

A dead car battery can be a major inconvenience, especially if it dies in a parking lot or somewhere not close to home. Finding someone who actually has a set of jumper cables or a jump-starter can be a hassle. If your car battery dies, knowing more about what power and size you need will help save you time and possibly money. For car battery replacement in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ or any other electrical repair service, see us today! We provide quick and affordable import car services in Mercer County, and can help you replace your import car battery. If your battery is dead, or you would just like a better performing car battery for your European import car, stop by or call us today at 609-737-7226!

Replace Car Batteries

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If You’re Tired Of Having To Jumpstart Your Car, Get a New Car Battery With Our Electrical Repair Service

There are a few things to take into consideration if you need to replace your car battery. You should be aware of how much starting power your car or truck will need. Most of the time, you can go by the battery already in your car. The car battery’s power is measured in cranking amps and cold cranking amps. This just lets you know the number of amps the battery would deliver at either 32°F or 0° (for cold cranking amps). Our knowledgeable mechanics can recommend a battery type best suited for your vehicle, and can replace your battery in a quick and efficient manner.

Higher amps typically means you’ll be getting a physically larger size car battery. This also is an important factor, as it may be too small or large for the battery compartment or carriage. Some newer import cars actually place the car battery either in the trunk space or under the driver’s seat (as in a BMW). A larger battery might not be able to squeeze in those tight-fitting spaces. Also, if the battery is too small, or is located under the hood, it can move around too much.

Hybrid Battery

Hybrid Battery Repair Service

hybrid car engine

If Your Hybrid Car’s Engine Needs Electrical Repair or Replacement, We Can Help!

Your hybrid car battery is an essential part of your hybrid vehicle and it works with your fuel source to get power to your car and give you a better economic fuel ratio. However a hybrid battery is just like any other battery essentially and it can fail, malfunction or just be bad in general. A hybrid battery can be repaired by replacing the individually bad failing cells, although most times repairing is not recommended for your hybrid car battery. Your hybrid battery can be replaced however and this is the usual method of restoration. If your hybrid battery draining quickly or dropping gas mileage is becoming a problem for you then bring your hybrid car into European Plus or call us at 609-737-7226 for auto electrical repair in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ.

Hybrid Battery Replacement

Your hybrid battery, in most cases, is supposed to last for about ten years and 100,000 miles, although this is not always the case. A bad, malfunctioning, or failing hybrid car battery can also cause you worsened fuel economy and a higher gas mileage consumption, and this will cost you more money. You should have a bad or malfunctioning hybrid car battery replaced as soon as possible. Hybrid car repairs or replacements need to be done by professionally trained technicians that know exactly what they are doing as hybrid cars highly differ from a standard gas vehicle. So bring your car to European Plus for our hybrid battery repair or replacement installation service today and we can get you fixed up in no time!

Hybrid Car Engine

Hybrid Engine Repair Service

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Hybrid Car Engines Use Both Electricity and Gas To Operate

A hybrid car is a vehicle which used two or more sources of power to make your car move. Usually the term hybrid refers to an electric car that combines a regular engine with an electric motor to get you from one place to another. Other parts on the car are also used to gather energy and use them to power your car as well. The electric powertrain on a hybrid car is used to get you better performance and better fuel economy. If you aren’t seeing better fuel mileage or your hybrid car is running poorly then you need to come see us at European Plus for our hybrid engine electrical repair service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ.

Hybrid Car Engine Maintenance

An electric motor is used in most hybrid vehicles and is used to take electric energy and make it into a source that can power your vehicle movement. Electric motors can be beneficial to the environment, but can also be extremely hard to fix. Repairing a hybrid car’s engine takes certified and highly professional technicians to be repaired correctly in an affordable and efficient manner. If your hybrid vehicle is giving you problems and you do not know what is wrong then don’t wait to bring your hybrid to European Plus or call us at 609-737-7226 for our hybrid car engine electrical repair service!

Call For Auto Electrical Repair Services

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If Your Car Needs Electrical Repair, Call Us Today!

There are so many electrical components involved in a standard car that keeps it running. From leisurely add-ons like the radio, air conditioner, and automatic windows, to vital components of your car that make it run like the alternator or new ignition buttons that you push to turn on. As technology continues to advance and more machines are becoming completely tech-based like hybrid cars, it is important to understand how they work so we can keep our cars in proper condition. If you need auto electrical repair in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ for your European import car, call European Plus at 609-737-7226 today.