Electrical Repair Service

If your vehicle is not performing efficiently, you have lights on your dashboard flashing on and off, or your car just won’t start altogether then you need to bring your car to European Plus for our Pennington and Hopewell electrical repair service!

New electrical installation!


Hands of mechanic working in auto repair shop.

Electrical problems with your vehicle can be a big hassle and can cause you all kinds of problems. An electrical problem can cause your car to spit and sputter as you drive, it can keep your car from starting, it can make indication lights on your dashboard flash on and off and go crazy, and it can even make it look like you’re having a problem with your car that you aren’t having at all. If this is the kind of thing that is happening with your car then you need to bring it into European Plus so our technicians can check it over and if needed give you our new electrical installation service in Hopewell and Pennington.

Some of the most common electrical problems that cars have today are things like; your alternator, which also charges your battery when your car is running, blown fuses, broken wires, spark plugs and spark plug wires, your battery or battery components, or even your solenoid which runs power to your electric doors and locks, and this can also be confused with a dead battery or a broken or malfunctioning starter on your vehicle. These kinds of electrical problems can become costly if they are not taken care of in a timely fashion, and they can lead to even bigger problems with your car. Don’t wait till your car breaks down and pay a heftier price for repairs when those bigger issues can be prevented with electrical repairs up front. Bring your car in for our Pennington and Hopewell electrical repair and installation service at European Plus today!

If this is the kind of issue you are having European Plus can help, come by today, and let us get your car in perfect working condition again! (609) 737-7226