Hopewell and Pennington, NJ Engine Repair Service

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Our Mechanics Provide Engine Repair Service To European Import Vehicles

Your car’s engine is its most important component. Properly maintaining your engine with oil changes, tune-ups or scheduled maintenances can keep it lasting longer, performing better and prevent costly repairs. If your engine is having issues, however, it shouldn’t be overlooked. If engine problems become noticeable, you should have it inspected by a professional, seasoned mechanic. European Plus near Hopewell and Pennington, NJ offers engine repair service for your import vehicle; call us at 609-737-7226For over 20 years, our engine repair shop has been providing expert engine repair and service for European import cars. Our ASE certified mechanics are fully-trained and experienced in engine repair services, such as fixing blown head gaskets, engine blocks, cylinder heads, piston rings, or leaky seals.

Overheating Engine Auto Repair Service

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If Your Engine Is Overheating, Bring It In For Engine Repair Service Today

If your engine overheats, you can get stuck on the side of the road needing help and having no car. Attempting to check out or mess with an overheating engine can be very dangerous to do on your own, because when an engine overheats, the liquid in the radiator is at a temperature past boiling. If you see smoke coming from under the hood, it is because the liquid in the radiator has boiled over out of the radiator and landed on your already hot engine. Here at European Plus, we know you do not want to get stranded on the side of the road and that your engine overheating can be scary. Don’t wait to have an overheating engine repair service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ; bring your car in to European Plus or call us at 609-737-7226 if overheating is becoming an issue with your vehicle.

Why Your Engine Could Be Overheating

Overheating engines can be caused by a multitude of various things like coolant leaks, broken fan clutches and even a malfunctioning or non-working thermometer. All of these things and more can cause your engine to get hot and overheat because the fluid that is in your engine is not getting released to chemically cool your engine down. Our overheating engine repair service at European Plus can save you the time and hassle of breaking down on the side of the road and having to call and wait for help to arrive. Bring your vehicle to European Plus today and we’ll get you fixed up and on the road in a flash.

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter Repair

catalytic converter

The Catalytic Converter Reduces Harmful Emissions That Your Car Releases into The Air

The catalytic converter converts pollutants found in the exhaust, mainly hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into less harmful emissions such as water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. When your catalytic converter stops functioning, it can degrade your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency or cause it to stall out. European Plus near Hopewell and Pennington, NJ provides expert catalytic converter engine repair service for your import vehicle.

Clogged Catalytic Converter

A clogged catalytic converter will restrict the airflow of the exhaust coming from the engine. As a result, performance issues such as hesitation problems during acceleration can occur. Your car may also die or stall out after coming to a complete stop. It’s normally recommended to check the exhaust system backpressure to properly diagnose such problems.

Your catalytic converter can fail from a bad oxygen sensor which will send an incorrect signal to the car’s computer. This will create a richer fuel and air mixture that causes a build up of hydrocarbons in the cat converter. If you are suffering from a clogged catalytic converter, come see us. We offer the best catalytic converter replacement service for European import cars, so call us today at 609-737-7226 to set up an appointment to get your professional catalytic converter engine repair service performed by our ASE certified mechanics.

O2/Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Sensor Replacement Service

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We Provide Oxygen Sensor Replacement Under Our Engine Repair Service

A bad O2 sensor can cause your vehicle a lot of damage by ruining parts like your catalytic converter or other costly parts on your car. Your oxygen sensor can go bad at any time; they can malfunction or even just wear out, and it is very important that you have them replaced on a regular basis. If your vehicle’s check engine light is on or your gas mileage is dropping, then you could have a malfunctioning or bad O2 sensor. Bring your car to European Plus or call 609-737-7226 for Hopewell and Pennington, NJ O2 sensor replacement as part of our engine repair service!

What Is An O2 Sensor For?

A bad O2 sensor can cause check engine lights to come on and cause you terrible gas mileage. Your O2 sensor helps your car determine the air-fuel ratio and whether or not it is rich or lean. The oxygen sensor is a small electronic device that can measure how much oxygen is in your vehicle’s gas. It is connected to your exhaust and your vehicle can even have more than one oxygen sensor. If your gas mileage is dropping rapidly or you have a check engine light that has come on then bring your car in to see our ASE certified mechanics today for our oxygen sensor service so that we can fix your vehicle up and get you back on the road!

Diesel Engine Repair

Car Diesel Engine Repair Service

A diesel engine uses compression heat to ignite and burn the fuel that has been injected into the chamber used for combustion. One of the biggest differences between a diesel engine and regular gas engine is the use of spark plugs for spark ignition. Diesel engines do not use spark plugs to ignite their fuel source; they use the combustion chamber to highly compress their fuel source and glow plugs to help ignite it. If your diesel engine car isn’t starting or is hard to start then you need to bring it to European Plus for our car diesel engine repair service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ.

Diesel Engine Problems

diesel engine

Diesel Engines Need Special Care and Repair Services To Maintain Them

Several different things can become problems with your diesel engine and cause it to run rough or keep it from starting correctly or at all. Your diesel engine car will experience a lot of the same problems that a regular gas engine car has. You need to make sure that regular maintenance is performed on your diesel engine to keep it in good running shape and performing correctly. If you are having any problems with your diesel engine car then you need to bring it to European Plus or call us at 609-737-7226 for our car diesel engine repair service or replacement installation service today! We can get you fixed and back on the road in no time! Some malfunctioning diesel engine signs to watch out for include:

  • Your glow plugs can fail just like regular spark plugs and will need to be replaced
  • Your fuel injectors can fail
  • Need to regularly replace your air, fuel and oil filters as well as your oil
  • Loose battery connections
  • Blown fuses
  • Problems with your starter
  • Clogged fuel lines

Radiator Repair

green radiator liquid inside radiator cap

Engine Repair Service Covers Radiators That Overheat Your Engine

Your car’s radiator cools the engine by reducing the heat with a mixture of antifreeze and water that recycles to the engine block and back. This coolant will absorb the heat from the engine’s cylinders, which is drawn to the radiator. The aluminum radiator will evaporate and cool most of the antifreeze with its large surface area and fan. The coolant will then return to the engine to absorb more heat. If a radiator is broken, it causes your car to overheat and stop working. Making sure your radiator is working properly can keep your car’s engine from overheating, which will prevent damage to its internal parts. A malfunctioning radiator will not be able to properly cool the engine as it should, which can be bad news. Visit European Plus for quality and affordable car radiator and engine repair service .

What Causes the Radiator to Overheat?

Your radiator may stop working due to a clogged thermostat, which can limit the amount of coolant being sent to the engine. A cooling fluid leak will be the most probable cause of radiator failure. The hoses and gaskets can deteriorate over time or develop holes and leaks. All of these conditions can cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat. If you notice coolant leaking from your car, bring it by our shop today. Our radiator and engine repair service mechanics in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ can inspect and fix your radiator if it is leaking or overheating. Call us today at 609-737-7226 for complete radiator repair and service!

Timing Belt

Timing Belt Replacement

It is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers to have your car’s timing belt changed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. When a timing belt wears out, it will simply snap or break which in some cases can damage your engine. European Plus provides timing belt replacement service for your European import vehicle when you call us at 609-737-7226 to book an appointment. The timing belt allows the engine’s camshaft valves to open and close at precisely timed intervals, making sure they do not collide with the pistons that move up and down inside the crankshaft. The timing belt is vital to your engine’s operation. Our ASE certified mechanics can change your timing belt in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ as part of our engine repair service. For timing belt replacement, visit our import shop today!

Signs of a Worn Timing Belt

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Timing Belts Need To Be Replaced Every 10,000 Miles

A timing belt is a synthetic rubber strap with fiber strands. It has “teeth” on the inside, which if worn out, will break off. When the timing belt becomes worn, you may notice frayed edges, cracks or splits or possibly oil or coolant spots on the timing belt. Most other signs that your timing belt is failing will be noticeable from your engine not working properly, as we have briefly listed below. If it takes you several tries to start your car, then you may have a worn timing belt. We offer affordable car timing belt replacement for European import cars. If you need to change your car’s timing belt, stop by our shop or give us a call today.

  • Engine misfiring
  • Ticking or clicking noises when trying to start the engine
  • Engine won’t start
  • Squealing sounds
  • Oil leaks
  • Low oil pressure

Serpentine Belt

Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

serpentine belt against car tire

The Serpentine Belt Is Often Confused With the Timing Belt

European Plus knows how terrible and miserable it is to get stranded out in the middle of absolute nowhere with no one around to help and we don’t want this to be you just because of a malfunctioning or broken serpentine belt! European Plus has certified mechanics that are experts at keeping your car in perfect working order and can get you back on the road fast! Don’t let an old serpentine belt bring you down and make you sit on the side of the road. Bring your car into European Plus or call us at 609-737-7226 before that serpentine belt breaks and make good use of our Hopewell and Pennington, NJ engine repair service including serpentine belt replacement installation service!

Signs You Need Serpentine Belt Replacement

Losing your A/C, power steering, or having your car overheat could mean a problem with your serpentine belt and you may need new serpentine belt installation.! Your serpentine belt is a continuous rubber belt that controls whether most of your engine’s functions run or not. These functions include things like your water pump, your car’s electrical system, power steering, alternator, and air conditioner. If your serpentine belt breaks or stops functioning properly, you could lose all of these engine functions and then your engine would begin to overheat rapidly. Other signs to look out for to tell that your serpentine belt is broken are:

  • Power steering not working
  • Air conditioning not working
  • Engine overheating
  • Squealing noises
  • Cracks on the belt
  • Engine stalls or misfires when starting
  • Inside lights don’t work as the alternator tries to conserve battery power

Head Gasket

Head Gasket Replacement Service

head gasket

If Your Engine is Running Rough, Get Head Gasket Engine Repair Service

Your head gasket sits between your cylinder head and your engine. As one of the most important gaskets or seals on your vehicle, the head gasket is made to seal your cylinder and make sure that it doesn’t leak any oil or coolant into the cylinder. The fluids in your engine are kept separate because it is really bad if they get mixed together, and if they do get mixed together, it could cause your engine to fail and smoke to come from various parts of your car. If your vehicle is running rough or your engine is overheating and producing smoke, call us today at 609-737-7226 for engine repair services in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ. We can replace your head gasket.

Leaky Head Gasket Replacement

If your head gasket begins to leak, then you must get it replaced immediately. If you do not, it can cause a blown head gasket and can cause your vehicle severe damage. A failing gasket can cause you a multitude of problems like your engine running really rough, losing power to your vehicle, your engine can overheat, and it can cause you to put more wear on your engine- and these are just a few of the things that it can ruin. If these types of issues are happening with your car then come see us for head gasket replacement installation service!

Quality Engine Repair Service For Your European Import Car

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We Can Fix Your Overheating Engine With Our Engine Repair Service

Is your import car suffering from engine overheating? Is your car making noises or have emission problems? Then visit our repair shop today and let one of our knowledgeable mechanics diagnose your engine. We offer a 1 Year / Unlimited Miles Warranty on all of our repairs. For your convenience, we also have night drop-off and late pick-up service. If you need engine repair service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ call us at 609-737-7226 today!There’s no need to take your car to a dealership because we offer the same level of service at a fraction of their price! Let us show you why we are your one-stop for import auto repair service in Mercer County. From BMW to Mercedes-Benz to Volvo, we provide exceptional engine repair service for your European and Japanese import cars.