replace-alternatorWhen your start your car, do your headlights dim? Does your car have problems stalling out while you drive? Then you may have a faulty alternator. European Plus serving Pennington and Hopewell provides alternator repair and replacement service for your import vehicle. Don’t let yourself become stranded because of a bad alternator, stop by and see us today!

The alternator supplies power to your car battery while the engine is running. Your car battery would actually die after about a few miles if it weren’t constantly charged by alternator. A bad alternator can ruin a good car battery due to repetitively being drained and charged. Our alternator repair shop near Pennington and Hopewell can help repair or replace your import car’s alternator.

What Causes A Car Alternator to Fail?

Alternator failure can be caused by faulty bearings. The needle bearings inside the alternator can breakdown from dust or friction. These bearings are what allow the internal rotor to spin freely which creates power. You may hear a loud grinding noise when the bearings fail. This may be an indicator that the alternator’s rotor is not functioning properly.

Because of it’s location, a faulty alternator can be difficult to replace. Several other components will need to be removed to access the car’s alternator. This is why it’s a good idea to have alternator repair service in Pennington or Hopewell done by a professional mechanic. Our experienced ASE certified mechanic can fix your dying alternator. Stop by our import car repair shop today for quality and affordable alternator service and repair!