Fuel Injector Cleaning in Hopewell

fuel-injectionEuropean Plus provides fuel injector cleaning for Pennington and Hopewell. Fuel injection cleaning for your import vehicle will increase its performance, eliminate hesitation, lower exhaust emissions and even improve it’s gas mileage. For over 20 years we’ve been serving Mercer county with first-class European import car services. Stop by or call us today!

Fuel injection is the means by which a car’s fuel is delivered to the engine. Carburetors were used up until the 1980’s and 1990’s but were replaced by fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are found in almost every vehicle today. To keep your car engine performing properly, it’s necessary to have the fuel injection cleaned. Our shop serving Pennington and Hopewell performs fuel injector cleaning services for your vehicle.

Clogged Fuel Injectors

Through injector nozzles, the fuel injectors spray fuel directly into the engine’s combustion chamber. The injector nozzles produce a fine cone-shaped mist of fuel. Occasionally hardened carbon deposits can form on the heads of the fuel injectors which interfere with the spray of fuel. This can result in “streamers” of fuel that burn poorly or vaporize. This will lead to performance problems and emissions issues. Fuel injection cleaning removes the built-up deposits, allowing the nozzles to release a fine mist of fuel.

Having a car fuel injector cleaning in Pennington or Hopewell can help your import car acheive its maximum fuel efficiency and optimum performance. It can also give your car better response as well as reduce toxic emissions. For the very best import car service in the area, visit our shop today. Our experienced and ASE certified mechanics look forward to serving you!