Fuel Pump Replacement Service

If your car is sputtering or won’t start at all then you need to bring your vehicle to European Plus for our Pennington and Hopewell fuel pump repair!

Repair of your fuel pump!

fuelpump1rsYour cars fuel pump is an important part on your car. The fuel pump pumps your fuel from the gas tank to the engine and is sent to the carburetor or the fuel injection system. Usually the mechanical fuel pumps are mounted outside of the gas tank if you have a carburetor and inside the gas tank if you have a fuel injection system. If your fuel pump malfunctions it can cause your vehicle to not run properly or to not run at all. If this is something that you are dealing with then being your car to European Plus today for our fuel pump replacement in Hopewell and Pennington!

There are several different things that can occur if your fuel pump is not functioning properly or not at all. Some of those things can include your car not starting, your car surging by slowing and then getting a sudden surge of power, you can lose all power in your engine and your car can fail or die, your engine can begin to spit and sputter and eventually die from lack of getting fuel. These things can end up with you sitting on the side of the road and no one wants that! If this is any issue for you make sure to bring your car in for a Pennington and Hopewell fuel pump repair or replacement service at European Plus as soon as possible! We’re here to get you back on the road as soon as possible and in great shape!

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