Head Gasket Replacement Service

headgasket1rsIs your vehicle running rough or your engine overheating? Well that means that you need to contact European Plus because you might need our Pennington and Hopewell head gasket installation!

Your new head gasket installation!

Your head gasket sits between your cylinder head and your engine. It is made to seal your cylinder and make sure that it doesn’t leak any oil or coolant into the cylinder; it is one of the most important gaskets or seals on your vehicle. The fluids in your engine are kept separate because it is really bad if they get mixed together and if they do get mixed together it could cause your engine to fail and smoke to come from various parts of your car. If you engine is running rougher than normal or you are beginning to see smoke then come see us at European Plus for our new head gasket installation service in Hopewell and Pennington.

If your head gasket begins to leak then you must get it replaced immediately, if you do not it can cause a blown head gasket and can cause your vehicle severe damage. A failing gasket can cause you a multitude of problems like your engine running really rough, losing power to your vehicle, your engine can overheat, and it can cause you to put more wear on your engine, and this is just a few of the things that it can ruin. If these types of issues are happening with your car then come see us at European Plus for our Pennington and Hopewell head gasket replacement installation service!

If you’re having these kinds of issues with your vehicle and need your head gasket replaced and installed then come by European Plus today, we’re here to get you back on the road quickly! (609) 737-7226