Heater Core Replacement Installation

If your car’s heater has stopped blowing warm air, then you need to come by European Plus today for our Pennington and Hopewell heater core repair service!

Heater core repair!

heatercore1rsThe device that is used to heat your passenger cabin air is called a heater core; it’s kind of like a tiny radiator. Your heater core has a long winding tube that takes hot coolant from your engine and allows that heated coolant to heat your cabin air. There are little fins that are attached to the long tube and those are placed inside the heater core and increase the heat transfer as the air flows past them, which is created by a blowing fan; that heated air is what heats the inside of the cabin. If your car isn’t blowing warm air, or it isn’t blowing air at all, then you might need heater core replacement service in Hopewell and Pennington by European Plus. Don’t wait, come on by today!

A water and antifreeze mixture is what is usually used to cool an engine in most vehicles, and when this mixture is run through the engine it enables the radiator to use your engines heat to heat the air that gets pushed into your passenger cabin. Your cars heater core is placed inside your dashboard and the hot coolant is what gives your car heated air when it moves through your heater core, and then it returns to the engine cooling unit to be cooled off again. If this is not happening, it could be because your heater core is malfunctioning or just not working altogether; in Pennington and Hopewell, our professional heater core replacement installation and repair service is the best around. Our technicians are also here to answer any questions that you might have.

So in this cooler weather, if your vehicles heater is not working then don’t wait, bring it to European Plus today and let us get you warmed up again! (609) 737-7226