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Oil and Fuel Service Helps Your Engine and Allows For Better Horsepower

In order for cars to run, they need oil and fuel. Oil and fuel are two seperate things. Oil is the black slimy substance that lubricates the car parts to keep them running smoothly so they don’t grind together. Fuel is the gasoline needed to power your engine. There are many parts that all work together in order to make your car run, but they need oil and fuel to do so! If you need oil and fuel service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ for you European import car, call the expert mechanics at 609-737-7226 for repairs and maintenance today.

Oil and Fuel Service

If you have invested in a European import car, you are probably doing the best you can to keep it in pristine condition. The easiest way you can do that is by regulating and checking your vehicle’s oil and fuel levels. If you don’t, engine failure occurs which can cost almost as much as a new car. Something as simple and affordable as buying more oil or fuel to refill your low levels, or getting them changed when needed can save you thousands of dollars in engine replacement fees. Many auto shops, including ours, are happy to provide oil and fuel service check ups.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter Replacement

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We Replace Fuel Filters as Part of Our Oil and Fuel Service

The fuel filter has an important function in keeping fuel running smoothly to the engine. Fuel injectors have tight parts that are easily clogged by dirt, grease, rust, paint chips, and grime, so the fuel filter helps clean it and prevents the injectors from getting backed up. Just like an air conditioning filter has small holes that sift and separate materials, so does a fuel filter. Depending on your car and the type of fuel filter you have, you may even be able to see the filter! Other types of fuel filters are in plastic or metal containers that are connected to the fuel line. Fuel filter replacement is a vital part of regular oil and fuel service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ, so be sure to call European Plus at 609-737-7226 if you need yours repaired or replaced today!

A Clogged Fuel Filter

A dirty fuel filter can restrict the fuel flow to the engine causing it to struggle or perform badly, so these parts require regular maintenance to stay in top shape. These are some of the tell-tale signs that your fuel filter could be clogged.

  • Acceleration Problems: Your car’s speed does not increase while stepping on the gas.
  • Engine Misfire: Your engine may begin to misfire or even change sounds.
  • Engine Sputtering: Your car’s engine may sputter when using the gas pedal.
  • Engine Stopping: Your car’s engine could stop or stall out, as if out of gas.
  • Exhaust Odor: You notice foul-smelling fumes coming from the exhaust.

Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector Cleaning

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If You Need Fuel Injector Repair, Call Us Today

Fuel injection is the means by which a car’s fuel is delivered to the engine. Carburetors were used up until the 1980’s and 1990’s but were replaced by fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are found in almost every vehicle today. To keep your car engine performing properly, it’s necessary to have the fuel injection cleaned. European Plus in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ performs oil and fuel service including fuel injector cleaning and repairs. Call us at 609-737-7226 to book an appointment for fuel injector cleaning services for your vehicle today.

Clogged Fuel Injectors

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Our Oil and Fuel Service Includes Fuel Injector Cleaning and Repair

Through injector nozzles, the fuel injectors spray fuel directly into the engine’s combustion chamber. The injector nozzles produce a fine cone-shaped mist of fuel. Occasionally hardened carbon deposits can form on the heads of the fuel injectors which interfere with the spray of fuel. This can result in “streamers” of fuel that burn poorly or vaporize. This will lead to performance problems and emissions issues. Fuel injection cleaning removes the built-up deposits, allowing the nozzles to release a fine mist of fuel.

Fuel injection cleaning for your import vehicle will increase its performance, eliminate hesitation, lower exhaust emissions and even improve it’s gas mileage. For over 20 years we’ve been serving Mercer county with first-class European import car services. Having a car fuel injector cleaning can help your import car achieve its maximum fuel efficiency and optimum performance. It can also give your car better response as well as reduce toxic emissions. For the very best oil and fuel service in the area for import cars, visit our shop today. Our experienced and ASE certified mechanics look forward to serving you!

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Replacement Service

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The Fuel Pump Is Just Like Its Name and Delivers Fuel to the Engine

The fuel pump is an important part on your car, as it pumps your fuel from the gas tank to the engine and is sent to the carburetor or the fuel injection system. Usually the mechanical fuel pumps are mounted outside of the gas tank if you have a carburetor, and inside the gas tank if you have a fuel injection system. If your fuel pump malfunctions it can cause your vehicle to not run properly or to not run at all. If your car is sputtering or won’t start at all then you need to bring your vehicle to European Plus for fuel pump repair. Our oil and fuel service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ is the only one in the area for European import vehicles, so call us today at 609-737-7226 to set up an appointment.

Fuel Pump Repair

There are several different things that can occur if your fuel pump is not functioning properly or not at all. Some of those things can include:

  • Your car not starting
  • Your car surging by slowing and then getting a sudden surge of power
  • You can lose all power in your engine and your car can fail or die
  • Your engine can begin to spit and sputter and eventually die from lack of getting fuel

These things can end up with you sitting on the side of the road and no one wants that! If this is any issue for you make sure to bring your car in for a fuel pump repair or replacement service at European Plus as soon as possible! We’re here to get you back on the road as soon as possible and in great shape!

Oil Change

Oil Change Service

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Our Mechanics Can Check and Change Your Oil For You

What is cheaper, paying a small maintenance fee every few months or buying a new engine for several thousand dollars? The difference between regular oil changes and stretching your dollar can be less than $100 and year, but the price you pay is accelerated wear on the most important (and expensive) part your car has – it’s engine! There are many cars on the road today, that if properly serviced, the engines will last as much as 400,000 miles or more. Regular oil changes will help your engine reach its full potential, which in the long run can save you a lot of money. Call European Plus at 609-737-7226 to set up an appointment for a fast and friendly oil change or any other oil and fuel service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ.

The Dangers of Not Changing Your Oil

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If You Need an Oil Change, Don’t Wait To Call For This Oil and Fuel Service

There are two basic things which happen to your oil when your engine is running. First, your oil picks up all sorts of contaminates and grime inside your engine. Second, your oil will begin to break down and lose its ability to protect critical engine parts. Furthermore, oil galleries will build up gunk and make passage lean, which means critical engine parts may not receive their proper lubrication. Just as a person who doesn’t eat healthy will build up plaque, cause their arteries to become restricted, and eventually have a heart attack, so do the galleries (veins which oil flows throughout your engine) become clogged and restrict the flow of oil. When oil doesn’t reach critical engine parts, they will quickly wear out and engine repair is not a cheap fix.

Oil changes are the most important regular service that your car needs. Most professionals recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles, but some manufacturers recommend longer intervals. Changing your oil routinely helps ensure the longevity of your engine and will save you money for years to come.

Oil Leaks

Car Oil Leak Repair Service

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If You See Oil Leaks Under Your Car, Call Us For Oil and Fuel Service Now

Oil leaks are not fun; they are messy and a huge hassle, leaving your driveway stained with black puddles. Oil leaks can ruin an engine in no time, because when your oil leaks, then your engine is losing its lubricant because your oil pressure is failing. Not only can it ruin your engine, it can also ruin parts within your engine because they no longer have the lubrication that they need to work correctly. When those parts are ruined, it can be very costly to have them repaired or replaced. If you’re noticing a decrease in your oil pressure or an oil puddle under your car, then bring your European import car into European Plus for oil leak repair and oil and fuel service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ, or call us at 609-737-7226.

What Can Cause My Oil Leak?

Oil leaks can be caused by numerous different things and some of them can be simple and easily repaired. Things like cracked cylinder heads, brittle gaskets, broken seals, loose spark plugs or warped valve covers can cause your oil to leak. If your vehicle is leaking oil, that is something to worry about as it can eventually also cause your car to overheat. Remember that your vehicle has several different fluids in it and not all of them are oil; transmission fluid can also leak and is red in color, oil of course is not. If your vehicle needs a car oil leak repair service, then don’t wait to bring it to European Plus so we can get it fixed with our oil and fuel service knowledge and skills before it causes any expensive damage to your engine.

Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change Service

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Synthetic Oil Helps Your European Import Car Run Better

You want to keep your high performance vehicle running in peak condition for as long as possible. The best way to achieve this is by having an oil change around every 5,000 miles using synthetic oil. If you own an import vehicle with a high-tech engine, such as Mercedes-Benz or BMW, then synthetic oil change maintenance can help to keep it in top condition. Feel free to stop by our shop or call us at 609-737-7226 for the best import car oil and fuel service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ!

Engine Oil Made Better!

Commonly mistaken as “fake” oil, synthetic oil is derived from crude oil in the same manner as regular motor oil, only using a higher base stock. What makes it “synthetic” is the synthesis process which produces uniform size molecules. This allows the oil to have a higher film strength as well as multi-viscosity properties. Artificial additives are also added that are able to withstand higher engine temperatures (some above 400°F) more efficiently.

European Plus also provides synthetic oil changes and maintenance for European import cars. Using synthetic engine oil will help to prolong your engine’s lifespan, maximize its horsepower and even improve your import car’s gas mileage. Synthetic oil allows for a cooler and cleaner engine. Performance additives are found in synthetic oil which help prevent sludge and mineral deposits.

Oil and Fuel Service at an Affordable Price

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Call Our Office To Schedule Your Oil and Fuel Service Today

Keep your European import car running the best it can for as long as it can by making sure all of its fuel and oil levels and parts are properly maintained. Be able to enjoy your speed and smooth ride when your car’s gears are properly lubricated, liquid levels are maintained, and your injectors and pumps are free of clogs. The mechanics at European Plus are experts in imported and European cars, so when you hand over your vehicle to us for repairs, it is in trusted hands. We care about the beauty of foreign cars just as much as you do, which is why we take pride in the respect, delicacy, and effort we put into our services. For fast, efficient, and affordable oil and fuel service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ, call us today at 609-737-7226.