Car Oil Leak Repair Service

Have you noticed a decrease in your oil pressure or an oil puddle on your driveway? Then you need to bring your car to European Plus today and ask us about our Pennington and Hopewell car oil leak repair service!

What can cause my oil leak?

oilleak1rsFalling oil pressure can be a sign of an oil leak and oil leaks are not fun, they are messy and a huge hassle and no likes stained driveways. Oil leaks can ruin an engine in no time because when your oil leaks then your engine is losing its lubricant. Not only can it ruin your engine, it can also ruin parts within your engine because they no longer have the lubrication that they need to work correctly. When those parts are ruined it can be very costly to have them repaired or replaced. If you’re having this issue with your vehicle then bring it in for engine oil leak repair service in Hopewell and Pennington at European Plus.

Oil leaks can be caused by numerous different things and some of them can be simple and easily repaired. Things like cracked cylinder heads, brittle gaskets, broken seals, loose spark plugs or warped valve covers can cause your oil to leak and if your vehicle is leaking oil that is something to worry about as it can eventually also cause your car to overheat. Remember that your vehicle has several different fluids in it and not all of them are oil, transmission fluid can also leak and is red in color, oil of course is not. If your vehicle needs a Pennington and Hopewell car oil leak repair service then don’t wait to bring it to European Plus so we can get it fixed before it causes any expensive damage to your engine.

If this sounds like the type of problem that you’re having with your vehicle then bring it in today, European Plus is here to get your car fixed and driving perfect again! (609) 737-7226