Oxygen Sensor Replacement Service

If your vehicles check engine light is on or your gas mileage is dropping, then you could have a malfunctioning or bad O2 sensor. Bring your car to European Plus for Pennington and Hopewell O2 sensor replacement!

What is an O2 sensor for?

emission1rsA bad O2 sensor can cause check engine lights to come on and cause you terrible gas mileage. Your O2 sensor helps your car determine the air-fuel ration and whether or not it is rich or lean. The oxygen sensor is a small electronic device that can measure how much oxygen is in your vehicles gas. It is connected to your exhaust and your vehicle can even have more than one oxygen sensor. If your gas mileage is dropping rapidly or you have a check engine light that has come on then bring your car to European Plus today for our oxygen sensor service in Hopewell and Pennington so that we can fix your vehicle up and get you back on the road!

A bad O2 sensor can cause your vehicle a lot of damage by ruining parts like your catalytic converter or other costly parts on your car. Your oxygen sensor can go bad at any time, they can malfunction or even just wear out and it is very important that you have them replaced on a regular basis. Here at European Plus we know how to diagnose and fix any problem with your vehicle, if you think your O2 sensor might be your problem then don’t wait till something on your car breaks, bring your vehicle in for our Pennington and Hopewell O2 sensor replacement service today!

If these are problems that you have been having with your car lately then don’t wait, bring your car in to European Plus today! (609) 737-7226