car-radiator-repairYour car’s radiator cools the engine by reducing the heat with a mixture of antifreeze and water that recycles to the engine block and back. This coolant will absorb the heat from the engine’s cylinders, which is drawn to the radiator. The aluminum radiator will evaporate and cool most of the antifreeze with it’s large surface area and fan. The coolant will then return to the engine to absorb more heat. For quality radiator repair in Pennington or Hopewell, stop by today!

Your radiator may stop working due to a clogged thermostat, which can limit the amount of coolant being sent to the engine. A cooling fluid leak will be the most probable cause of radiator failure. The hoses and gaskets can deteriorate over time or develop holes and leaks. All of these conditions can cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat. If you notice coolant leaking from your car, bring it by our shop today. Our radiator repair mechanics in Pennington and Hopewell can inspect and fix your radiator if it is leaking or overheating. Call us today at (609) 737-7226 for complete radiator repair and service!

Is your car overheating? We offer professional radiator repair service for Pennington and Hopewell. Making sure your radiator is working properly can keep your car’s engine from overheating, which will prevent damage to its internal parts. A malfunctioning radiator will not be able to properly cool the engine as it should, which can be bad news. Visit us for quality and affordable car radiator service.