Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Is your vehicle overheating? Or have you lost other vehicle functions altogether? Then you need to contact European Plus today and ask us about our Pennington and Hopewell serpentine belt replacement service!

Expert installation!

timing beltLosing your AC, power steering, or having your car overheat could mean a problem with your serpentine belt and you may need new serpentine belt installation in Pennington and Hopewell and the surrounding areas! Your serpentine belt is a continuous rubber belt that controls whether most of your engines functions run or not; these functions include things like your water pump, your cars electrical system, power steering, alternator, and air conditioner. If your serpentine belt brakes or stops functioning properly you could lose all of these engine functions and then your engine would begin to overheat rapidly.

European Plus knows how terrible and miserable it is to get stranded out in the middle of absolute nowhere with no one around to help and we don’t want this to be you just because of a malfunctioning or broken serpentine belt! European Plus has certified mechanics that are experts at keeping your car in perfect working order and can get you back on the road fast! Don’t let an old serpentine belt bring you down and make you sit on the side of the road, bring your car into European plus before that serpentine belt breaks and make good use of our Pennington and Hopewell serpentine belt replacement installation service!

If this is the kind of service that you think you might need, then don’t wait, bring your car into European Plus today! We’re here to get you back on the road! (609) 737-7226