Hopewell and Pennington, NJ Suspension Car Repair

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Does your car bounce when hitting bumps in the road? Does the front end of your car dip when stopping? When you notice suspension problems, having it looked at by a professional mechanic is a good idea. The suspension system is a very important part of your car, as it helps your tires find friction with the road to prevent accidents like sliding, allowing the driver to have more control over the vehicle. A well functioning suspension will provide correct braking and handling acceleration. It can also prevent unnecessary wear on your car’s tires and improve the overall safety of your vehicle. Stop by European Plus or give us a call today at 609-737-7226 when you need suspension repair service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ for your European import car.

Shocks, Struts and Other Suspension Parts

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Not Getting Suspension Repair Service Can Lead To Painful Carrides and Potential Rear Ends!

When the suspension’s parts become worn or damaged it can cause problems. The primary suspension parts are your shocks and struts. If these wear down, it can not only make for a bumpy ride, but increase your braking distance. They can also cause your car to sway or lean when making turns or changing lanes. If you notice a clunking or popping noise when you hit a bump, then your may have a worn ball joint or one that is not lubricated properly. Rubber bushings on your suspension can also make these sounds if they start to harden, but can easily be replaced. Other signs that you need suspension repair service include…

  • Uneven Tire Wear: Tires bear the weight of your vehicle, and will wear unevenly if your suspension is wearing down. “Cupping” or scalloping, where there appears to be hills or valleys in your tires, indicates uneven tire tread due to excessive bouncing or wheels coming out of alignment.
  • Bumpy Ride: If you start to notice every little bump in the road, bring your car in to your local auto shop for suspension repair service as this is a telltale sign of shock and strut failure.
  • Nosedives When Stopping: Nosediving is when you brake and your car lurches forward due to a failing suspension and shock system. Your stopping ability decreases, increasing your chances or rear ending someone.

The Importance of Shocks in Cars

Many people often get brakes and shocks confused. While shocks do help gravity stop your car from bouncing forward when you brake, they don’t actually stop your car. They just stop your car from bouncing. They also allow the driver to have better control of the car. You can notice when your shocks are going bad if you feel every bump in the road, your car bounces more than it used to, or is starting to nosedive when you brake.

What Are Struts?

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We Include Shocks and Struts in Our Suspension Repair Service

Struts are giant coils that maintain the height of the vehicle and are what keeps it off the ground. They perform the same function as shocks but have the added benefit of the coil which helps to balance weight throughout the car. This allows the car to be handled easier, riding to be more comfortable, and less wear to happen to the brakes, steering wheel, and wheels.

Suspension Repair Service For Import Cars

If you feel like your car is not getting good friction, don’t hesitate to bring it in for an inspection. Your European import car is a work of art, so don’t let it be potentially damaged in a rear-end accident due to failed shocks, or end up hydroplaning because of a bad suspension system. At the first sign of damage, take your car in to our experts for affordable, efficient, and reliable suspension repair service. Our ASE certified mechanics provide expert suspension repair service in Hopewell and Pennington, NJ, so give us at call here at European Plus at 609-737-7226 to set up an appointment.