Auto State Inspection Service

Is your cars inspection sticker expired? Then you need to bring your vehicle to European Plus for our Pennington and Hopewell state inspection service!

Getting your vehicles state inspection!

Getting your vehicles state inspection is important. Your vehicles inspection is a procedure in which a car is inspected to be sure that it meets your states regulations of emission and safety. Inspections can be required in some states and is usually required in intervals of one to two years at a time. Your inspection sticker is placed on your windshield and if you do not have a windshield on your car then it is usually placed on the body of the vehicle or on your license plate. Your inspection sticker will also display the month and year that it expires and that your next inspection is due. If your cars inspection is out then you need to bring your car to European Plus for your auto state inspection in Hopewell and Pennington before your inspection month is up.

In some states, proof that you have gotten your inspection is required before they will license your vehicle so that you can receive your vehicles license plates. In some cases once your vehicle has been inspected and your sticker issued to you and placed on your windshield it can be enforced by the police if it has expired and you have not gotten a new inspection, this can result in a traffic citation. So if this is the case and your inspection sticker is out of date then you need to get your Pennington and Hopewell auto state inspection service completed as soon as possible at European Plus, don’t wait until you get that traffic citation before you get your inspection, bring your car in today!

If your vehicle’s inspection is out then you need to bring it to European Plus for your auto inspection today! (609) 737-7226