Hopewell Transmission Flush

The transmission is one of the hardest working parts of your car. It’s moving parts can wear down over time from heat, friction and contaminants. Changing the transmission fluid regularly can help keep it working properly. Stop by our shop if you live in or near Pennington or Hopewell. A transmission fluid flush can help improve the performance of your import car!

Why a Flush Service?

MoteurOne of the best methods for keeping your import car’s transmission running smoothly is a transmission flush service. Different from a normal fluid change, a fluid flush will actually clean out your transmission before adding new fluid. Using specialized machines, the old fluid is completely removed. After which, a cleaning solution is pumped through the transmission to remove any left-over residue or blockages. The vehicle is then filled with brand new transmission fluid.

Most auto shops only provide fluid changes. This is when the transmission fluid is simply drained into a pan and the transmission refilled with new fluid. This does not completely remove the fluid. In fact, about 60% of the old transmission fluid can remain after a fluid change. This old fluid will mix with the newer fluid. Our import service shop near Pennington and Hopwell offers transmission flush service vs just the normal fluid change.

Our ASE certified mechanics can help with your import car’s transmission needs from repair to maintenance, such as a transmission flush. For Pennington and Hopewell we offer the best European import auto service. Whether you need major repairs or a tune-up or maintenance, visit our shop or call us today!