MoteurThe transmission functions to direct power from the engine block to the driveshaft. Because of its numerous moving parts, a transmission can’t sustain more wear and tear than most other components on your car due to friction and heat. Our transmission repair shop near Pennington and Hopewell can repair or replace your import car’s transmission. We back all of our repairs with a 1 year / unlimited miles warranty. Just give us a call today!

The most common indicator of transmission failure is a transmission fluid leak. When this happens you’ll notice a puddle of red colored liquid underneath your vehicle. Another sign of transmission problems include noises such as buzzing, whining or humming noises. If your transmission overheats due to low fluid or fluid breakdown, you’ll notice a burning smell emanating from your car. If you are experiencing any of these transmission trouble signs, it’s a good idea to get it inspected by a skilled mechanic.

Our knowledgeable transmission repair mechanics near Pennington and Hopewell can help with any of your transmission needs. For quality and affordable European import car services, visit our shop or contact us!

Does your car smell like its burning? Is your car leaking red or pinkish fluid? Do you have problems shifting into gear? If so, these are symptoms of a bad or leaking transmission. European plus near Pennington / Hopewell area provides transmission repair and service for your import vehicle. Our ASE certified mechanics have the experience and training to accurately inspect and fix your car’s transmission.