Wheel Bearing Replacement Service

Is your car making a squeaking, squealing or grinding noise? This might mean that you need a Pennington and Hopewell wheel bearing replacement at European Plus, bring your car to us today!

What does a wheel bearing do?

wheelbearing1rsWheel bearings are made up of a metal housing pressed over a row of ball bearings that go round and round a metal housing. Ball bearings ride on a smooth piece of metal that is called a race. When your cars wheels are turning, wheel bearings allow your cars wheels to roll smoothly, this allows your drive to be smooth. Your wheel bearings support the weight from loads. Your wheel bearings are very important to your car how well and smoothly that it drives. If you’re having problems with your wheel bearings then you might need to come to European Plus for wheel bearing service in Hopewell and Pennington today!

Your wheel bearings can cause you a lot of trouble if you start having problems with them. Wear and tear can cause wheel bearing problems and can be caused by several different things. Oil seals that protect your bearings and that keep them lubricated and well-oiled can fail and allow dirt to make its way into the wheel bearings and that can cause damage to the bearings and the race that the bearings sit on. A wheel bearing that has been on your car for a long time can also cause a bearing to start to malfunction, and if your bearing falls apart it can actually keep your vehicle from functioning and make it dangerous to even try driving it. A broken wheel bearing can also keep your brakes from working correctly and your wheels would not stay in alignment correctly and could cause you to have an accident. If these types of problems are arising in your vehicle then you need to come to European Plus for our Pennington and Hopewell wheel bearing replacement service today!

If these are the types of problems you are having with you vehicle then bring your car to European Plus today! (609) 737-7226