Hopewell Brake Repair Service

brake-repair-shopIf your car cannot stop, it could cause a fatal accident! Brake repair is one of the most important repairs your car will ever need done. Having them serviced by a professional is important for your safety and the safety of others on the road. We have the best brake mechanics in Hopewell!

There are two common types of brakes on today’s cars, drum and disc. Drum brakes have shoes that are pressed against a drum to cause the vehicle to stop, while disc brakes have two pads that squeeze a rotor and cause your car to stop. The most common configuration used is to put disc brakes on the front while putting drum brakes on the back. Most late model cars are using disc brakes on both front and back wheels. Our mechanics are experts at all things relating to the braking system on your car, so for the best brake repair in Hopewell / Pennington, give us a call today!

Do you hear squealing when you press the pedal? It’s a sign that your pads are almost worn out and will need replacing very soon. When you press the pedal, do you feel it pulsating? This is a sign of warped brake rotors. Does your pedal feel spongy? This is a sign of air in your brake lines, meaning they need to be bled. Bleeding is a process where air is removed from your hydraulic lines. Whether you have a leaky wheel cylinder, a bad brake line, worn calipers, rotors, drums, or whatever it might be, we can service all of your brake repair needs. Our shop is located in Hopewell and brake repair is our specialty! We also offer quality brake repair for Pennington customers as well.