Signs You Need Suspension Repair

We often forget about our car’s suspension, though it takes a lot of wear, tear, and damage. Watch for these signs that you need suspension repair and avoid serious problems down the road!

Uneven Tire Wear

suspension repairYour tires can tell you a lot about your vehicle. Because they bear the weight of your vehicle, they will wear unevenly if your suspension is wearing down. Watch for signs of “cupping” or scalloping, which appears like hills and valleys. This often indicates excessive bouncing and worn suspension components. You may also need a wheel alignment.

Rough Ride

One of the first things we often think of when our car rides rough is that we need new shocks or struts. This is usually true, but a rough ride can also point to other suspension problems. If you start to notice every little bump in the road, bring your car in to your local auto shop.

Pulls When Turning

With worn shocks or struts, you may also notice your vehicle pulling or drifting when your turn. This can increase your chances of a rollover, which is major cause for concern for trucks and SUVs.

Nosedives When Stopping

When you brake firmly, does your car lurch forward or “nosedive?” This can indicate worn shocks or struts and is actually quite dangerous. When this happens, your stopping ability decreases, increasing your chances or rear ending someone. Call a mechanic right away to have this problem addressed!

If you notice any of these problems, call European Plus for professional European car suspension repair in Hopewell/Pennington, NJ at 609-737-7226!