Six Car Odors you shouldn’t Ignore

You’re driving down the road and you notice an odd smell. You attribute the odor to the car in front of you but soon realize it’s coming from your own vehicle. Here is a guide to help you understand the potential causes behind these smells.

Burnt Rubber:  Your drive belt may have slipped out of place or one of the hoses is loose, causing it to rub against the drive pulley.

Hot Oil: The smell of hot oil could be a result of oil leaking onto the exhaust system of your vehicle, causing smoke to emit from the engine. Check the pavement around your car for signs of oil leaks.

Gasoline: A problem with your vehicle’s fuel injectors or a leak in the fuel tank will result in the smell of gasoline. Take this matter seriously—after all, leaking fuel is a fire hazard.

Syrup: If you smell something sweet like syrup, either you are hungry for pancakes or your car’s cooling system is leaking engine coolant—or both.

Rotten eggs: Before you blame the passenger riding next to you, have your catalytic converter inspected. When not functioning properly, the catalytic converter does not properly convert hydrogen sulfide to sulfur dioxide, result in rotten egg smell.

Burning Carpet: Not good—better get your brakes checked, pronto!

Never ignore odd smells coming from your vehicle. Many times these smells are a result of a problem with one of the many components of your vehicle. Don’t hesitate. Bring your car by European Plus in Hopewell today to have your car inspected today!

6 smells not to ignore