Tesla’s New Gigafactory

Tesla Announces Location for Gigafactory

Vehicle Innovation

The Tesla Roadster, an all electric highway capable sports car

The Tesla Roadster, an all electric highway capable sports car

When it comes to forward thinking, Tesla is the leading name. This company is known for its innovative, out of the box thinking. And their goal is to bring these innovations to the consumer market. One of their target markets is fuel efficient cars.

Here at European Plus we are always interested to see what the latest technology will bring to the car industry. We are even one of the few repair shops in the area capable of repairing hybrid cars. So we were excited to hear about the plans for Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Economic Impact and Affordable Batteries

Tesla GigafactoryTesla has announced the location for their new Gigafacorty will be Reno, Nevada. This factory is going to be used to construct automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries. Their goal is to manufacture these batteries on such a large scale that the cost will be lowered drastically. This will make electric cars much more affordable in the future.

Not only will the Gigafactory lead to lowered alternative fuel costs, it will also bring a huge economic boost to the Nevada economy. We are talking about a nearly $100 billion economic impact over the course of the next 20 years!

Because of this economic impact Nevada was not alone in the attempt to lure Tesla to their land. California, Texas and Arizona were also large contenders in the race to become the new factory location.

Sustainable Future

Sustainable FutureTesla believes in creating a more sustainable future. Not only are they working hard to produce an affordable solution for the car industry, they are even striving to power their own factory from completely renewable energy sources.

To find out more detail about Tesla’s new Gigafactory and the impact it will have on the car market, check out Tesla’s project information here: Tesla Gigafactory Details.

Hopefully we can all look forward to a more affordable, sustainable future ahead.