Top 4 Common Problems Cars Face During Summer

Photo of summerSummer time is right around the corner! Summer is the time of long vacations, road trips, and getaways to have fun with friends and family. However, during this time of fun in the sun, your car can take a beating from extreme temperatures, high humidity, and long journeys. Is your car ready to take on the summer? There are always a few issues you should have your car inspected for prior to making your trip such as oil changes and wheel alignment. Have your auto mechanic take a look for these four common summer car problems!

Top 4 Summer Car Problems

#1 Overheating

This should come as no surprise. Your car is run by an engine that reaches extreme temperatures. To top that off, summer heat can adversely affect your car. Make sure to keep an eye on your engine and thermometers. If you start to notice any signs of overheating, such as strange smells or steam coming from your engine, be cautious and take your vehicle to your local shop.

#2 Flat Tires

Due to temperature fluctuations tires can lose or gain air pressure. Add to that hot roads and even small, sharp objects scattered on the road itself, and it seems like a flat tire is unavoidable. Always ensure you have a spare in your car in case you find yourself in this situation. A spare tire will allow you to get your vehicle to the shop for repair and replacement of your faulty tire.

#3 Under-performing Air Conditioning

No one likes to be uncomfortable in their car. Its important to get your air conditioner inspected before taking trips and to make sure your car is prepared for the summer in general. Failing blower motors and fuses can make this system function poorly or not at all. Take notice if your car is not cooling down like it was last summer and bring your vehicle to the shop. Remember, sitting in a hot car can adversely affect your health, giving you heat stroke.

#4 Dying or Bad Battery

Everyone worries about their batteries in winter, but summer can wear down a car battery just as quickly. Extreme temperatures cause the battery to wear and humidity can even cause corrosion. Make sure to note the age of your battery and keep an eye on it. If your car is having trouble starting, purchasing a new battery may be just what the doctor ordered.

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