Warning Signs Your Transmission Needs Repairs

Keeping your transmission in working order is an important part of maintaining your car’s health. Don’t wait for it to break completely before taking it in; look out for these signs warning you that your transmission needs to be serviced:





Burning Smell:

This is often caused by transmission problems; overheating from leaking, low, or dirty transmission fluid is usually the culprit.

Leaking Fluid:

Check your transmission periodically under your car for leaking fluid. This could indicate either a minor or major problem with your transmission. Have it looked at by a professional.

Grinding Sound:

A functional transmission will shift gears smoothly; a grinding sound that comes from shifting gears could indicate a dirty transmission, low fluids, damaged gear synchros, etc.

Delay In Movement:

If your vehicle delays when you press the gas after switching gears, it’s likely a problem with the transmission. Don’t ignore this problem, as it can be hazardous on the road.

Problems Shifting Gears:

Any of the following gear problems indicate your transmission needs to be serviced.

  • car won’t shift into gear
  • resistance or shaking when changing gears
  • slowed-down acceleration
  • gears shift unexpectedly
  • vehicle moves when in park
  • gears slip


Keep an eye out for all of these signs; if you notice any, take your car to an auto-shop. Don’t wait, the problem will only exacerbate with time. Here at European Plus, we offer transmission services alongside a host of other auto-related services. For more information, please give us a call at (609) 737-7226.