What Happens If You Don’t Fix an Oil Leak?

Black Oil Puddle on Concrete Under a Close Up of a Car

Learn More About Your Car Leaking Oil

Your vehicle is a machine that is susceptible to changes in condition along the line. That’s why states require that you undergo an inspection annually for the safety of yourself, your passengers and others on the road. Depending on the mileage of your car as well as the model your car will be subjected to routine oil changes. Yet when you have your car leaking oil prematurely there are certain things that should be taken care of in order to ensure smooth vehicle operations. Your car leaking oil will cause damages if ignored over time and could pose potential risks adverse to your safety. Learn more about how your car leaking oil can affect you by reading below.

What happens if you don’t fix an oil leak?

When you have a car that is in need of oil change there are some things that may affect the productivity of your vehicle being operable. Your car needs lubrication in order for parts to move smoothly without scratching one another. What’s more, when this lubrication is absent you can have areas overheat and become damaged.

Can you drive a car with an oil leak?

If you’re wondering if your car leaking oil is it safe to drive, technically you can drive a car with an oil leak as it can still be operable. However, over time you are making your car vulnerable to damages and eventually, parts like your engine will need to be replaced. Another risk is that it can be a fire hazard.

Is car leaking oil dangerous?

When certain circumstance of your car collide, yes, a car leaking oil can be dangerous. Some cases can have your car engine begin to smoke with you needing to pull over on the side of the road. A car leaking oil and smoking is typically produced from the engine and will exit the engine from the exhaust. Leaking valves of a cover gasket can also cause smoke by oil dripping on the hot manifold. Ultimately on a hot day, your engine will be more prone to overheat. You may smell fumes or hear grinding noises which are a clear sign that your car engine parts are scratching against one another without the lubrication of oil to ease their movement.

Red Car In Air With Oil Puddle on Concrete Underneath

Why Does A Car Leak Oil

  • Degraded Engine Gaskets
  • Oil Pan Leaks
  • Poor Oil Seals
  • Bad Connections of Fluid Lines
  • Oil Drain Plug Worn Or Loose
  • Misaligned Oil FIlter
  • Broken Oil Filler Cap

What is leaking from my car?

There are actually many different indications of leaks that can point to different issues with your car. Leaks can encompass liquids that are different colors of the rainbow or even clear which all point to certain areas of your car. For example, a red fluid leak can point towards your power steering system or transmission being the culprit of the leak due to faulty seals or a hole in the fluid return line. Orange leaks can indicate rust in the radiator which will have the antifreeze or condensation appear orange. Depending on the age of your transmission its fluid can also appear orange as well. A yellow fluid will mean your radiant coolant is having issues. A green fluid will point to antifreeze which can occur in your hoses, water pump or radiator when fittings are worn or loose. A blue fluid will point towards your windshield wiper reservoir or tubing. A clear fluid will mean there is condensation from your AC system (which is no cause for alarm as this is normal.) Dark brown fluids will point towards an aged motor oil or your brake fluid. Light brown will mean that there is a leak with new motor oil or gear lubricant. Finally, a pink leak means that there are worn seals, holes in the return line of your transmission fluid or power steering.

Do I need an oil change if my car leaks oil?

Simply getting an oil change will not fix a leak if you have a car leaking oil. That is to say, the puncture, cracks or other damage on the oil line will still be there and an oil change is not the same as getting areas sealed or fixed. Depending on how much oil you’ve lost you may or may not need an oil change after car repairs.

How do you stop a car from leaking oil?

You can stop a car leaking oil with a range of products available through auto retailers which can assist an engine’s seals to become more flexible and stop a car leaking oil. They are typically added to a car’s oil case and will begin working within several hundred miles of normal driving.  Some even claim that in two days or less any seeping or dripping oil will be permanently sealed. Get in touch with an expert to gauge their opinion if you’re in doubt.

Can car oil leaks be fixed?

With a car leaking oil it can be fixed. There are several methods that can be taken from products that claim to seal leaks after driving, to standard car repairs or part replacements. Some fixes will simply call for new synthetic oil while others could require collision repair as the car leaking oil is only one of many problems with the vehicle. Be sure to contact a professional for assistance whenever you are in doubt of what should be done with your vehicle when you have an issue with your car leaking oil.

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