What’s an Engine Overhaul Good for?

Engine Overhaul Service describes a service whereby an engine is removed, dismantled, cleaned, completely put back together, and re-installed in your vehicle.  If faulty parts are discovered, they are additionally replaced.

Even with the best preventative care, your vehicle’s engine will wear down over time:  There is a lot of moving metal under the hood of your car, and they rely on a lot of tiny parts that are typically hard to access in order to function properly – Traditionally you can expect brand new seals, bearings, and other components restored to working order.

As your vehicle gets older, it may begin to show tell-tale signs of engine failure such as:

  • Audible engine knocking
  • Increased rate of oil replenishment between scheduled maintenance
  • Obvious white smoke in the exhaust
  • Metal shavings in your used engine oil

Which would you rather do – Remove, repair, and replace your engine in the garage or pick up the phone and call from your home?