Winter Car Myths

Photo of winterWith winter in full swing and a storm fast approaching, it is time to make sure your car is ready for anything that may be thrown its way. Many people have different ways of dealing with the colder temperatures and poor weather. However, some of the winter car myths can be dangerous for not only your car but you. At European Plus, we have compiled a short list of some of these myths to share.

Top Winter Myths

Myth #1: Pouring Hot Water to Remove Ice on Your Windshield

Some mornings you just don’t feel like scraping off all that ice. Hot water seems like a safe and easy alternative to scraping. This can be dangerous. First, when the hot water heats the ice, it can break or crack your windshield. Another problem could arise depending on how cold it is outside as it could cause the water to freeze on your windshield quickly. To be safe, scrape off your windshield.

Myth #2: Winter Tires are Pointless; Deflating Your Tires Slightly is Better

It may sound like a racket, but seasonal tires, such as winter tires are actually highly beneficial to your vehicle. They are designed specifically to work in snowy weather. People believe by relieving some of the air in your tires, it gives your car a greater surface area to work with and works better in snow. This is not necessarily true, as it gives you less control.

Myth #3 Warming Up My Car is Unnecessary

People have really taken to the idea that it is not necessary to heat up your car or let it idle in the morning. However, warming up your car is more beneficial than one may think. Allowing your car the time to warm up can remove that annoying ice on your windshield, warm up the interior for you, and allow the gas and oil to cycle through. If you cannot help but jump in the car and go, try a steady drive to allow your car to run optimally.

Of course, it is always a good idea to ensure your vehicle is ready for all that winter may bring. Have your fluids checked and a tune-up performed. Call European Plus today at 609-737-7226!